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Patient preparation and recovery for this procedure are not different from those for ERCP. The duration of the procedure is longer but is still considered an outpatient procedure and is done at Wellstar Kennestone Endoscopy Center.

Cholangioscopy is an effective diagnostic and therapeutic noninvasive endoscopic method used for direct visualization of bile ducts. Cholangioscopy is performed at Wellstar Kennestone Endoscopy Center, using “Spy-Glass DS” system in conjunction to ERCP. This is a single-operator system attached to the ERCP scope, wherein a small borescope is inserted directly into the bile ducts to guide both optical and accessory devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications during therapeutic ERCP.

ERCP is an adequate first step to diagnosis and treat most bile and pancreatic ducts diseases using x-ray imaging, the SpyGlass DS can later be suggested if ECRP falls short of providing this information. “Spy-Glass DS” provides direct visualization of the bile ducts allowing the endoscopist to a targeted biopsy characterizing benign versus malignant natures of biliary strictures and diagnosing intraductal tumors. The system also allows for direct fragmentation of bile or pancreatic duct stones by using electrohydraulic lithotripsy.



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