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What Is Fibroscan and Transient Elastography?

Fibroscan is a non-invasive way to measure the stiffness of liver tissue. It is also called transient elastography. The test uses sound waves to create an image of the liver. The image shows how stiff or elastic the liver tissue is. A stiffer liver may be a sign of damage from conditions such as hepatitis C or alcoholic liver disease, which can have serious consequences for your overall health.

Fibroscan and Transient Elastography Procedure in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Liver Specialists

Looking for a reliable and affordable Fibroscan testing provider in Atlanta? Look no further than GI Specialists of Georgia. We offer the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate results for all of our testing services, and our experienced staff will make sure the process is as comfortable as possible. Don’t delay – call us today to schedule an appointment.

How Is the Fibroscan Test Performed?

During the test, you will lie on your back on an exam table. A gel will be applied to your skin on the right side of your ribcage, and a hand-held probe will be placed on the gel. The probe sends out sound waves that create an image of your liver. The test only takes about 15 minutes, and your medical practitioner will be able to review the results with you afterward.

What to Expect During Elastography?

Your Fibroscan session will be painless and easy. Our specialists will make sure you’re comfortable before starting the test, and the gel used is cool and soothing. You may feel a slight vibration from the probe, but it is not painful. If you feel any discomfort during the procedure, let your specialist know right away, as this is not normal.

How to Prepare for Your Fibroscan or Elastography

You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for your Fibroscan – simply be sure to not eat or drink anything for at least four hours before your appointment. This helps to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible. If you have any questions, your GI specialist will be happy to answer them beforehand.

How Is Fibroscan Different from a Traditional Biopsy?

Fibroscan is a non-invasive test that uses sound waves to create an image of your liver. A biopsy is a surgical procedure in which a small sample of tissue is removed from your body for examination. Fibroscan is less expensive and carries no risk of complications from surgery, whereas biopsies can be associated with risks such as bleeding or infection.

The Benefits of Fibroscan or Elastography

Fibroscan is a quick, easy, and painless way to assess the health of your liver. It is also less expensive than a biopsy and does not carry the same risks. The test can be performed in our office with no need for an overnight hospital stay. With the results from your Fibroscan and liver elastography, our specialists can develop a treatment plan that is right for your condition.

Don’t Wait to Diagnose Your Liver Condition

If you think you may have a liver condition, don’t wait to get tested. Early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to a successful outcome. Get in touch with GI Specialists of Georgia as soon as possible to schedule your Fibroscan testing in Atlanta. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that targets all your personal health goals. Call today to speak with a member of our professional team.

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