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What Is a Fibroscan or Transient Elastography?

A FibroScan or Transient elastography is a non-invasive way to reveal any fibrosis (scarring or stiffness) or fatty deposits within the liver. It is a quick and simple test that works using ultrasound.

Preparation for Fibroscan?

Do not eat or drink 4 hours prior to your test being performed.

What to Expect During the Fibroscan?

You will lay on your back with your right arm raised above your head. A gel will be applied to your skin and then a probe will be placed on the right side of your ribcage. The procedure lasts approximately 15 min.

Fibroscan Common Uses:

Evaluate the amount of fibrosis (scarring) in the liver from various diseases and to calculate the amount of fat in the liver.


Once your exam is complete, your physician will review your results to manage your liver health.

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