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GI Specialists of Georgia’s Gastrointestinal Services

GI Specialists of Georgia is proud to provide the Northwest Atlanta area with the most advanced technology and research for gastrointestinal-related issues. Our physicians have years of experience providing excellent care to their patients, and they’re excited to begin treating your gastroenterological illness. We believe all our patients deserve to live a pain- and discomfort-free life, and each of our services is designed to do so.

Doctor Examining Patient for Gastroenterological Issues in Atlanta, GA

Why You Should Treat Your GI-Related Illness

The gastrointestinal tract is complicated, which means patients who suffer from GI-related illnesses often have a hard time getting to the bottom of the situation. Unfortunately, these disorders, conditions, and diseases can be destructive. They can hinder professional development by preventing individuals from working and erase socialization from their lives. Pain, discomfort, and embarrassment all accompany the conditions we treat. Fortunately, our specialists are well equipped to address them. Learn more about our general GI services below, and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) Tests

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) is a procedure that enables a GI Specialists of Georgia specialists to gain a clear picture of what’s happening in your body, particularly the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. We use an endoscope, which is a flexible, coated tube, to facilitate direct visualization of the areas causing problems. EGD is a valuable tool in diagnosing common GI illnesses. It allows us to understand why you’re experiencing common symptoms, such as swallowing problems, abdominal pain, upper GI bleeding, and more.

Measuring Acid Levels with a Bravo PH Monitor

Sometimes our specialists need to measure the pH, which are essentially acid levels, in your esophagus to understand why you’re experiencing symptoms. This is especially true in cases where patients struggle to swallow or experience extreme acid reflux. We put you under sedation and perform an upper endoscopy, during which we temporarily attach a capsule to the lining of your esophagus. The tablet measures all pH levels and transmits the information to a device near you. We also ask you to track your symptoms while eating or lying down.

Capsule Endoscopies Procedure Explanation in Atlanta, GA

Why GI Specialists of Georgia Performs Capsule Endoscopies

Capsule endoscopies are similar to bravo pH monitor tests, with one crucial difference: They take pictures and measure the small intestine. We’ll ask you to swallow a pill-sized capsule, which attaches to the small intestine. One of the reasons we might use this test is the small intestine is not easy to access through a conventional endoscopy. Modern medical technology allows us to visit areas previously off-limits or painful to patients.

When Our Specialists Perform Flexible Sigmoidoscopies

Our doctors perform flexible sigmoidoscopies for a variety of reasons, including diagnosing why a patient might be experiencing chronic diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and constipation. During flexible sigmoidoscopies, GI Specialists of Georgia specialists insert a sigmoidoscope into your rectum and slowly guide it to your colon. The tool uses air to inflate the colon. It includes a camera, which allows us to view the inside of the rectum and lower colon. We can also perform biopsies, polyp removals, and cauterizations during this time.

Get an Esophageal Manometry to Diagnose Your Condition

If we need to measure how well your esophagus functions, we will order an esophageal manometry procedure. Esophageal manometry enables our practitioners to view the rhythmic muscle contractions in your esophagus as you swallow. It is a vital test for patients who struggle to swallow, as it can zero in on a cause.

We Use Non-Surgical Hemorrhoidal Banding Procedures

Nobody wants unnecessary surgery, and that’s true for those who suffer from hemorrhoids. Fortunately, GI Specialists of Georgia performs a painless and straightforward procedure aimed at removing hemorrhoids and restoring comfort to our patients’ lives. We use a non-surgical device to treat and remove the hemorrhoids. The best results require two to three visits, but once we’re done, you’ll experience a higher quality of life.

What is a Colonoscopy? And When is it Necessary?

Colonoscopies allow GI Specialists of Georgia gastroenterologists to view the inside of your large intestine. We insert a small flexible endoscopic tube into the rectum and gently push it into the large intestine. We sedate all patients during this procedure, ensuring they’ll be comfortable. If we need to perform a biopsy, we can do so during the colonoscopy.

Contact GI Specialists of Georgia Today

GI Specialists of Georgia is proud of our reputation for delivering high-quality gastroenterological care to our Georgia patients. We’re committed to your health, as well as your comfort and convenience. For instance, we have nine offices and three endoscopy locations throughout the Northwest Atlanta area. We encourage any individual who suffers from the symptoms of gastroenterological illnesses to visit our practice. We can use one of our procedures to diagnose the problem and begin treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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